Mining operations are extensively mechanised and often also partly automated. The by-products of mining include waste water and rock, which can be used in earthworks. Environment-friendly technologies can also utilise raw material generated by mining operations.

As do many other workplaces in the earthworks sector, mines make for a hazardous work environment. That is why strict occupational safety measures are an integral part of mining operations. The basis for environmentally friendly operations is created by incorporating measures to eliminate or minimise environmental risks into even the early planning of services and practices.

We offer the following services for the mining industry:

  •    Removal of waste rock from an open mine
  •    Demolition work in production facilities
  •    Transport of waste rock to tailings piles
  •    Transport of ore to production areas
  •    Deliveries from facility to harbour or to other destinations
  •    Groundwork for construction
  •    Dams
  •    Pumping of water

We continuously work to improve occupational safety by ensuring that we employ safe work procedures at all stages of mining operations. Our environment-friendly values are evident from the choices we make: we use low-sulphur fuel and recycle batteries, waste oil, and tyres. We want to protect nature and the valuable heritage of Lapland.